Chernozem – Soil of the Year 2019

Commission 1. Genesis, Classification and Cartography of Soils, Soil Science Society of Poland have chosen Chernozem as the Soil of the Year 2019 in Poland. This is not an original decision, because in every country where similar programs were initiated, Chernozem was the first or one of the first celebrated soils. However, taking into account the specific morphological and physicochemical properties, determining their agricultural importance, no one is surprised by the special attribute of soil scientists and farmers for this type of soil. Chernozems are relict soils in Poland, covering only small patches of our country. In recent years, discussions on genesis, transformation and relations of Chernozems with other soil types have been revived. Interdisciplinary research conducted jointly with archaeologists broadened knowledge and verified scenarios of Cherznozems evolution in selected regions of Poland. On the other hand, there are reports of significant degradation or even disappearance of Chernozems due to intensive cultivation and soil erosion. It indicates the great importance to protect these fertile soils. Therefore, despite the fact that Chernozem is “the first among soils”, from recognizing the genesis of which modern soil science has begun, we still see exciting research challenges and practical needs regarding these soils in Poland, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

author: Cezary Kabała

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