Soil Science Society of Poland –  History

The founders of Soil Science Society of Poland were: prof. Feliks Terlikowski (Poznań University), prof. Jan Włodek (Jagiellonian University) and dr Tadeusz Mieczyński (PIGW in Puławy). The first General Assembly in 1937 approved the Society’s statute, defined the main directions of activities and chose prof. F. Terlikowski as the first president of the Society. He held this function until the year 1946. The next presidents of the Society were: Arkadiusz Musierowicz (1947-49), Marian Górski (1949-61), Lucjan Królikowski (1962-87), Stanisław Moskal (1987-95), Piotr Skłodowski (1995-2011) and Zbigniew Zagórski (2011 – ).

The Society was reactivated in 1946, just after the Second World War.  First branches of the society were established in Kraków, Lublin, Bydgoszcz-Poznań and Puławy in 1946-1950, hereafter in Wrocław, Olsztyn, Warsaw and Szczecin in 1953-1955During this time period, many conventions and field conferences were organized. The Commiission of the Classification and Nomenclature of Soils and the Commission for Unification of Soil Biodiversity Methods have been responsible for standardize the most important research-laboratory and field methods in soil science and agro-chemistry, as well as unification of vocabulary and nomenclature in soil science, soil cartography and soil protection principles.

The profound contribution in the development of the Soil Science Society of Poland was put by prof. M. Górski acting as its president in the years 1949-1961. During this period, the Soil Science Annuals began to appear in 1950, and Scientific Review of Agricultural and Forest Literature journal in 1955. In the years 1949-1950, at the request of the Minister of Agriculture, a Map of Polish Soils in the scale 1: 1 000 000 edited by Prof. J. Tomaszewskiego was developed. Afterwards, in 1951-1960 Prof. A. Musierowicza developed the Map of Polish Soils in the scale of 1: 300,000.  In 1954, the Committee of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry within the 5th Faculty of Agricultural and Forest Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established, first chairman was Prof. A. Musierowicz. In 1959 a new statute of the Soil Science Society of Poland was drafted and approved. One of the most important point of newly accepted statute was the extensions of the Society Main Board to members of individual branches.

In 2012  the Center for Soil Education and the Soil Museum was established at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. In the same year, according to celebration of  the 75th anniversary of Soil Science Society of Poland established, memorial chronicel edited by Prof. Piotr Skłodowski in cooperation with prof. Józef Chojnicki and authors from individual branches of SSSP was published. In 2015, “Soil Science” manual, edited by Prof. Andrzej Mock and 23 co-authors was published.  In 2014 8 members of SSSP took part in the 20th IUSS Congress in Jeju (South Korea).

In September 2015, the 29th Congress of Soil Science Society of Poland was held in Wrocław, combined with an International Scientific Conference entitled “Soil Resources and Sustainable Development”. During the 29th Congress, a new Main Board of the Society was elected for the years 2015-2019 with the new/old President Prof. Zbigniew Zagórski.

authors: Piotr Skłodowski, Józef Chojnicki