Soil Science Annual – new website

Dear Madam/Sir,

We would like to kindly inform you that the new Soil Science Annual website has been launched: . The website was created in cooperation with Bentus, Poland. The home page of the magazine is still working and will be updated. It will also serve as an archive of full-text articles from 1950-2019.

We would also like to inform that complete articles (containing text, tables, figures, etc.) from now on should be submitted to the editorial office via Editorial System . In order to log into the system for the first time, you must first create a new account. Please no longer send articles via email.

On pages and,1881.html you will find updated ‘Guide for authors’. Please prepare articles according to the new guidelines.

On behalf of the SSA editorial office,

Józef Chojnicki

Łukasz Uzarowicz